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Sale or Return

Did you know  that we offer Full Sale or Return on all of our items supplied?*


  • This allows you to increase your range and your sales revenues without risk of being left with slow moving stock


  • We understand that every shop has different requirements


  • Why not try some new lines today – worst case scenario is that you get your money back!


  • To qualify for our 'Sale or Return' safety net, our only condition is that you follow our retail selling price guides


*Excludes any crested products and goods with a use by date.  Also excludes any product sourced by special request, outside of our normal range.

Please note that our Sale or Return practise is there to provide you with a "safety net" to protect you from having slow moving lines.  It removes all risk to you and is a great way to try out new products.  It is not in place to be used to improve/reduce your stock holding at key calendar dates.

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